Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Breastfeeding Diaries

Hello Everyone!

 I know its been awhile since I've had a post or update but I'm super excited today to be linking up with Julie and joining her Breastfeeding Diaries. It feels like forever ago when I asked her to be a guest blogger and January 15th was her next available date then I swear I blinked and the day was here. So without further adieu head on over to hear about my breastfeeding journey!

A glimpse of my guest post...

"Meet my daughter Miss Noelle who came into this world 14 months ago. She is full of energy, abundant joy and has quite the attitude already. After struggling for 18 months of infertility we finally found out that we were expecting. I knew right from that moment that I looked forward to my own breastfeeding journey..."

 Continue my story over at Julie's blog!