Saturday, September 7, 2013

What being a mom looks like: 52 Week of Blogging with a Purpose

I absolutely love Becky's blog and while I'm at the end of the cut off for the week I have decided to link up with her 52 Weeks of Blogging with a Purpose and today's topic: What being a mom looks like.

Simply stated:

Being a mom looks like a hot mess and queen of the world. While there are days you can barely pull yourself together, get off the couch, or just feed your child cause you were up all night, there are also  days where you feel like a super hero. You have accomplished your to-do lists, loved up your little, cooked dinner and managed to do it all while feeling good.

Being a mom looks like a GPS unit. Not a day goes by where I'm not searching for a toy, outfit, shoes, or some other baby paraphernalia. I always ( and still do ) joke about my mom being able to find anything that was lost. We could have all searched the house and the only person who could ever find it  was my mom. I think it's a gift God has given us to keep our sanity.

Being a mom looks like a short order chef, nurse, teacher, disciplinarian, but most importantly a best friend. I enjoy ALMOST everything thats comes with being a mom but nothing makes me happier than having her as a best friend at the end of the day. She can make any worry go away, any fear subside, and any joy THAT much greater.

Being a mom looks like the best thing in the entire world. Simply stated. It brings out our worst, best, weakest and strongest moments. It makes you feel like rock bottom and top of the world.

It its the best look out there...

Kelly Erin

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