Monday, September 23, 2013

A Letter to My Sixteen Year Old Self: 52 Weeks of Blogging with a Purpose

Dear 16 Year Old Kelly, 

Happy Birthday! You are 16 today and excited to be heading out to take that drivers test. While you are  filled with such excitement slow down and enjoy because in a few short weeks you will have totaled the car and be back to riding the bus. While it will seem like the end of world, and your parents will be disappointed its actually the best thing that could have happened to you. It opened your eyes early to realize you aren't invincible and for the next 10 years you will be an excellent driver.

Continue enjoying high school, forget about the guys and don't let the pressure of good grades and being SO involved get you down, keep playing volleyball and do your best in school. While you're not at the top of your class don't worry cause you will pick it up and college and get this, you will rock college Calculus! Going back to volleyball, enjoy every game and play your heart out because you can't even fathom how much you will miss it. Enjoy your best friends now because they will become a distant memory every year, and you only see or hear from them every so often.

While your dad drives you absolutely crazy, enjoy him now because in just a few years he will be diagnosed with MS and you slowly lose the dad he always was. He's even harder to get along with and even though you live miles apart he is barely in your life.

Your mom on the other hand continues to stay your best friend! You will take trips together, shop, go out to eat and even though it wasn't in her plan she is able to stay at home with your children which is a gift beyond belief. You talk to her and see her (almost) everyday! Whenever your having a bad day she is always there to pick you up, you will never be able to thank her enough so start now!

Your gut is right when you think the guy sweeping popcorn up at the movie theatre is right for you, because he is and he's the best husband you could ever ask for you. He will stand by your side and support your every decision no matter what. Don't get me wrong there are going to be tough times, in fact you will fight a lot over the years you spend at pharmacy school (long distance is never easy). Thats right I said it! You will be accepted to pharmacy school and meet some of your best friends there.  I'm telling you now enjoy pharmacy school (every one there is an over achiever) you will always feel the need to study more and do better but have fun too! You live in Erie, go out to eat, head to the mall, and get pedicures because working in the real world is way less fun then school. TRUST ME!

You will move back home and get an adorable duplex with Travis as you prepare for your pharmacy boards and wedding. Enjoy this time it goes by so fast and while you know you want to have a baby right away, forget that idea! It will come at its own time and its not the same as yours! As you begin your new career in retail pharmacy it will seem like a nightmare that you will never survive but stick with it cause in a few short years your dream job will arrive and you couldn't be happier.

Finally you will become pregnant and it will be the best time of your life or so you think, until SHE arrives. Can you believe it? You will finally be holding the baby girl you have always dreamed of, she is perfect, sweet and born with a full head of hair. You will name her Noelle...

This is what life is made of and this is where your life really begins....

I can't believe its been 10 years, each year went by so fast and they are picking up each year with speed.

Just enjoy every day, life is too short!


Your 26 year old self

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