Wednesday, August 14, 2013

9 Months...

Dear Noelle,

While 9 months seems like a lifetime ago at the exact same time it feels like just yesterday. The memory of you living inside me becomes more like a distant memory every month. 

This month has been exciting and full of energy for you! You have refined your ability to crawl and can get just about anywhere in a quick amount of time. The big change this month has been your desire to stand up on your own and walk with our help. (Although at times you feel like you're able capable of walking on your own)

We are now at a point where we give you bites of our own food, give you some whole food chunks of your own and still doing some purées (loving my new vitamix)!  You have been a vegetable girl, loving anything green and are just now warming up to the idea of fruits! Weird, I know! You have also been loving your morning toast and puffs, but giving your fruit to Ryleigh!

It's such a joy everyday to watch you grow into this little girl! Your hair is getting longer (and maybe a tad redder) each month. You love when Daddy reads you stories, Ryleigh eats from your hand and are still a bit of a Mommy's girl (I think only because I'm still nursing you though)!

I can't wait to see where you are next month and how much you grow but on the same note SLOW DOWN! You are becoming too big and independent too fast! 

We love you so much! 

So until next month....


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