Friday, August 23, 2013

Five on Friday

This last week has flown by so fast that I can't believe its friday already and time to hook up with some amazing bloggers Darci, April, Christina and Natasha. Go check them out!


I'm loving the fact that even though summer is winding down and fall is on its way that we are leaving for the beach next friday! So Virginia Beach here we come...

This was last summer when I was 20 weeks pregnant, we are looking forward to Noelle's first of many trips to the beach. We hope she grows to love the ocean as much as we do. Any mama's out there have any great beach tips for wee little ones?


I find that I feel so much better physically and mentally when I get a good workout in and after a couple of months of really wanting to order this workout program I can finally say it will be arriving next week. We have been doing the insanity workouts here and there but into the second month the workouts are close to an hour and time really has become the issue. These workouts are awesome because they are equal to working out for an hour but are only 25 minutes, and everyone has time for that. (Or so I keep telling myself)


I love shopping for clothes for my little, but lately I have found that I'm ecstatic about some hand me downs! Two girls that live really close to us each have a daughter 6 months older than Noelle and they both invited me to go through their clothes and pick out whatever I wanted to buy. JACKPOT. I found more clothes, shoes, jackets, and headbands than Noelle could possibly even wear this winter but I can't wait to dress her up. The best part is that the clothes are in fantastic condition (some still WITH tags) and all name brand Gymboree, Crazy 8, Calvin Klein, babyGap, and Carter's. Stay tuned for some Trendy Tot Tuesdays...


 Pinterest is flooding with fall and Christmas pins, and I absolutely love it. This is just my favorite time of the year as the air gets crisp, everything pumpkin emerges, ALF (Autumn Leaf Festival, a huge weeklong celebration in our town that brings in thousands of people) is coming and I can't wait to sit on the back porch of our relatively new home and enjoy watching as the leaves change color. 


PROJECTS. As summer is coming to an end it has felt good to start getting the house organized and cleaned for the long winter ahead. This week I was able to tackle Noelle's closet, my pantry (although reconsidering once I see Samantha's Shoe rack tip), and now we are moving onto the building of this porch swing. (We hope it turns out as wonderful as the hall tree did!)

I'm looking forward to reading everyone's Five on Friday, but for now I'm off to snuggle this precious little one to bed. 

Kelly Erin

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  1. Hi there, new to your blog via 5 On Friday. Your little girl is so cute. Fall is my favorite season and I love the fact that there is so many great ideas on Pinterest! Love the idea of getting organized for fall. I think I need to clean out a few closets too.