Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pushing out of my comfort zone

I have been anxiously waiting to post about our first DIY project. I find that Im pretty crafty and can tackle a lot of projects and my husband is very creative himself; however this project was definitely stepping out of both of our comfort zones.  

First of all I have to say:I love the Shanty to Chic girls, after scoping out some different projects on Pinterest I found myself continually going back to their site. To give a quick background my husband Travis' 30th birthday party is rapidly approaching (and most guests have yet to see our new home) and I wanted this Hall Tree for our mudroom in the worst way and wasn't willing to spend a ridiculous amount of money on it. You can find the plans for the project HERE!

So I drug my reluctant husband to Home Depot to begin to purchase the wood we needed. For his birthday my dad purchased him a new drill and we were going to attempt to build the project without the Kreg Jig. This was a huge mistake, unless you want screws all through the bench and weak joints you have to buy one! We found it was well worth the money and plan to use it on several more projects.

We worked on the project at night and during Noelles nap time. We probably had a total of 8 hours in the whole project but it did turn out beautifully and is exactly what I wanted. 

Had to sneak an adorable photo of my little and I taking a much needed break!

And the final product ...(minus the baskets in which I'm still on the hunt for)

Thanks to the Shanty to Chic girls, I foresee many more projects (BIG and small) in our future! It was such a great feeling to accomplish/tackle this project together! 

Stay tuned for our next project...

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