Monday, October 14, 2013

31 Day of Fall Favorites: Failure

While I had the BEST intentions to keep up with the 31 days of blogging, I've realized at this point in my life it's not something I can possibly do! I'm still a working mama, who has been picking up extra shifts, working on tons of project around the house, playing with my little as much as possible, been helping out at the church as well as taking our financial peace university classes and for the last week and half this has been what we have been dealing with...

Little Noelle has been down and out the last several days, her nap schedule has been all over the place, we have been doing the breathing treatments to help clear up her chest all while her top 4 teeth are breaking through. So she has been sucking up most of my attention and time lately. So I have not been able to keep up with my fall favorites... Oh Well. There is always next year.

However my little did turn 11 months today! So tomorrow since I'm off for the first time in awhile during the week I will be posting her monthly update so stay tuned!

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