Sunday, October 6, 2013

31 Days of Blogging Fall Favorites Day 5 & 6

I'm starting to follow a pattern of doing 2 days at a time! Oh well at least I'm sticking with it!

Today I'm loving...

After much debate and trying to find a cost friendly costume for Noelle (being that she wont even remember or have the concept of trick or treating this year ) I have decided that she will be a witch! (After  my love for witches and Hocus Pocus!) I didnt want to go with a standard witch costume so I pieced together all my favorites pieces (most of which are from Gymboree). You can find them here, here and here!! Then to top it off I wanted to add a flair of a tutu so I found this adorable hand made one off of Ebay, thrown together with her black turtle neck onesie (We do live in NW Pa after all, it could even be snowing!) and TADA an adorable witch! Pictures to follow!

 As mentioned above I love Hocus Pocus and as my little and I are both sick today (with the crud that everyone seems to have), we are snuggling up and watching movies all day! So hot tea, soup and starting with Hocus Pocus...

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