Wednesday, October 2, 2013

31 Days of Fall Favorites--Day 2

I'm barely making this one in and it's ONLY Day 2! Good Lord! Today's fall favorite is simple, I'm loving the beautiful trees and how the leaves have begun to change colors. It's such a wonderful sight! I'm even more excited because this is our first fall in our new home located out in the center of the country where we are surrounded by lots of color changing trees! I love living in this town that is known for it lovely fall foliage.

Also another thing I'm loving is how FULL our lives are. After listening to my Pastor talk at a meeting the another night he made such a great point. I'm always saying how "busy" our lives are, how crazy each week seems and how we run from here to there, but what I really should be saying is how full our lives are. I'm sitting here thinking of how blessed we are and how much enjoyment my family brings into my life everyday. I'm very thankful that God has given me this full life.

**Only 42 days till this little gal turns 1!**

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